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Why System X Should be Your #1 Ceramic Coating Choice

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Do you love to drive? Do you care about the longevity of your vehicle? For many vehicle owners, we care about preserving the appearance of our cars, and it is a big component of the ownership experience. Read on to find out how System X Ceramic coatings protect your paint.

Every vehicle owner wants their vehicle to look as good as it did when they first bought it.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast who is fixated on every detail or just a person who wants to protect against customary weathering, ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment for the lifespan of your car.

Are Ceramic Coatings Better Than Wax & Sealants?

To protect your vehicle from exterior elements, there are a few options such as wax and sealants, but ceramic coating provides superior aesthetic results and longer-lasting paint protection.

Other options such as wax or sealant only offer a semi-shield of protection. Wax is the most affordable but is a quick solution that isn’t entirely durable and must be re-applied throughout the year.

System X Ceramic Coatings vs wax vs sealants
System X Compared To Polymer Sealants & Wax Products

Sealants are another option but don’t provide quality shine. Both options are outmatched by ceramic coating. This is due to System X’s properties as a silica-based liquid polymer that forms a protective layer, offering the best shield to exterior damage that your vehicle may encounter.

Not only will ceramic coating provide the best shine, but it will last the longest and will stand the test of time. The resilient ceramic coating is meant to withstand environmental factors, especially Canadian cold winters, and hot summers.

Why System X Is The Best Ceramic Coating Available

System X is a state-of-the-art thin, flexible, and permanent ceramic coating that offers durable paint protection.

Not only will System X completely alter the look, feel, and longevity of your vehicle; it will protect the exterior surfaces of new vehicles for up to a lifetime!

With System X’s clear second coat, you can entrust your vehicle’s finishes to be glossy, harder than the original coat, and have long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

You can choose System X with confidence knowing that your vehicle will be protected from exhaust, pollutants, chemicals, UV damage, corrosion, and colour fading, paint chalking, and much more.

Will A Ceramic Coating Protect My Paint?

It is guaranteed that the System X ceramic coating will enhance the glossy shell of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is black, yellow, grey, or silver, the coat will have a deeper, richer, and brighter reflection.

Nonetheless, the coating provides upstanding protection which will keep your vehicle looking brand new from season to season, and in-between washes.

Rest assured that System X has you covered; it will repel oil, dirt, and road filth with ease of mind. Consider adding a coat of System X to your vehicle’s finish today.

System X is so confident about their coatings, they offer one year, three year, six year, and lifetime warranties, depending on the product you choose.

Contact Mångata Auto Pros to book your appointment today.

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