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The Ins & Outs Of Car Detailing

Everyone wants a clean car. A regular car wash, obviously, isn’t the same as professional cleaning and car detailing. This article will outline the ins & outs of car detailing. Are you ready to learn how to preserve and maintain the cleanliness of your car?

metallic grey Mercedes sedan with black rims
Your Car Can Shine Like This Mercedes With Proper Care

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is like a spa treatment for your car. It’s about taking interior cleaning and exterior body washing to a level you would expect when buying a brand new car from the showroom.

Whether you are getting your car ready for resale or simply want to improve the aesthetic look and feel of your car, Mångata Auto Pros can help.

Ontario Mobile Car Detailing Starting at Just $149

At Mångata Auto Pros, we restore vehicles with showroom shine, freshness, and smell.

We don’t just wash away interior and exterior dirt. Instead, we use professional detailing products to revive and condition everything from exterior paintwork to leather upholstered interiors and carpeted areas.

Mångata techs will perform dirt extraction with powerful vacuums, leaving out no crevices. Your techs will also remove upholstery stains. As a finishing touch, we will apply a paint sealant over your car's clear coat to leave a beautiful shimmer and up to six months of protection from the elements.

Mångata helps you get back on the road, feeling like you’re driving an almost as good as new vehicle.

Car Cleaning & Detailing for Ontario Business Professionals

If you are a realtor or business professional in Ontario, you rely on your car not just for getting from point A to B, but also for meeting with clients and business partners.

If you are an Uber, Lyft, or taxi driver in the area, you will already know just how important it is to have a clean vehicle which leaves the right impression with your customers.

Thankfully, as well as offering high-quality car cleaning and detailing in the Ontario area, we also offer expeditious on-site mobile car detailing.

Simply tell us when and where in Ontario you need us to be and we’ll arrive on site to detail your car for you.

Leave the Finer Details to Us

If you feel embarrassed about the current state of your car, Mångata Auto Pros can help. We will vacuum, steam clean, and even detail your car engine.

We also have additional services available if you want to go the extra mile, like paint correction and polishing, tree sap removal, water spot removal, ceramic coating application, and interior ceramic coatings.

All you need to do is schedule a detailing appointment which is convenient for you and inquire with us directly in regard to which of our cleaning options will best fit your budget.

Benefit from more Intelligent Car Detailing Today

Your car tells a story about you. Make sure that you’re making the right first impression by reaching out to us at Mångata Auto Pros today.

What’s Included In Your Car Detailing Package?

We are proud to offer professional car detailing solutions to restore your car to showroom status. Through the use of proprietary car cleaning techniques and detailing products, our techs can give your car a much-needed overhaul. Our wide range of services include:

  • full interior detailing

  • engine detailing

  • exterior detailing and application of special ceramic coatings to vehicle

  • mobile headlight restoration

  • full exterior cleaning and detailing

Why Choose Mångata Auto Pros?

Mångata Auto Pros has a culture of quality since the first day we opened our doors. Since then, we have expanded our services and are proud to bring a full range of professional detailing services to our valued customers in Ontario.

Every technician of our mobile detailing team is highly skilled and trained on detailing cars of every make and model. Our goal is to help your car achieve the beauty of your car.

Our Ontario Car Detailing Services

  • Luxury Car Detailing – every curve on a luxury car adds to its majestic presence. It takes a pro detailer to know how to detail an exotic or high end car properly. Our team of expert technicians is passionate about cars and restores every single car we work on to its former glory.

  • Headlight Restoration – for safe driving, especially at night, you need to have headlights that are operating at their peak performance. Headlights oxidize and become cloudy over time because of environmental elements. Our headlight restoration process can reverse this effect in just one session.

  • New Car Paint Protection – your car exterior can stay in optimal condition for years. Keep your car looking brand new by protecting its exterior paint with PPF film.

  • Mobile Car Detailing – skip the Ontario traffic. Mobile detailing can make all the difference for busy professionals who need their car attended to right where they are.

  • Interior Car Detailing – give your car the attention it deserves by investing in interior detailing. When Mångata techs arrive at your location, we’ll make sure we clean every inch of your car’s interior.

  • Ceramic Coating – your car takes a beating from Mother Nature over time. Preserve your car’s exterior by coming to us for System X ceramic coatings. A single ceramic application can protect the paint on your car from 3 years to a lifetime, depending on the coating you choose.

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