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Tesla White Interior Cleaning & Stain Test! How To Clean White Seats

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Cleaning The Tesla Snow-White Interior Can Be Easy
Snow-White Tesla Interior

If you own a Tesla with a white interior, you know how easy cleaning stains is with Tesla's vegan leather technology.

However, the Tesla white interior does have one major downside.

If you're the type of person that likes to wear denim, your Tesla's white seats will show discolouration over time, which will require thorough detailing to remove.

Normally, people that are looking to clean their white Tesla interior will use mild soaps or baby wipes. This is usually enough to get food & drink stains out, but denim discolouration is a tougher problem that requires a more aggressive solution.

That's why we are writing this guide. If you're a Tesla white interior owner, or you are considering purchasing the white interior upgrade on your next Tesla, read on to see what kind of auto detailing & cleaning you'll be performing in the future.

Do Tesla White Seats Stain

It's December 2018, and Vincent/Twitter from Tesmanian just received the delivery of his black Model 3 with a snow-white interior.

He shared a photo of himself and his son inside a car on Twitter. Exactly 20 minutes later, under his tweet, a comment appeared that the combination of white seats and a child makes this person nervous.

This is a common concern shared by many potential white Tesla interior owners. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself promptly responded:

Tesla White Seats VS Red Wine

To test Elon's claims, a YouTuber shared the following video:

Vincent simply used a rag to wipe the red wine off the snow-white Tesla seats, amazing right?

Tesla White Interior Blue Jean Transfer Fix

One weakness of Tesla's snow-white interior: blue jeans.

Denim transfer will occur with time if you wear jeans while driving your Tesla. This will result in an ugly discolouration from the constant rubbing & transfer of the dyes from your jeans.

It's often hard to clean this discolouration thoroughly, without the proper auto detailing experience:

How to Remove Blue Jean Transfer from White Tesla Seats

Fortunately, there is a solution if your white Tesla seats are stained with blue jean dye. You'll need a more aggressive degreasing solution.

Watch the magic of a degreasing solution when used properly:

You'll want to use the degreaser sparingly, with a light dilution to ensure no damage to your white vegan leather Tesla seats.

The Verdict: Does The Tesla White Interior Stain

Overall, this guide proves that the Tesla snow-white option will not cause you a lot of headaches. You'll have to wipe the seats after spilling food or drinks, as you would with any other colour of interior.

For more aggressive stains, like blue jean transfer, you'll need a stronger solution, like this degreaser from our partners in Mississauga, Pro Detailing Supplies.

If you don't want to do this kind of work yourself, give us a call or request an estimate on our homepage to find out how you can get Mångata to detail your white Tesla interior, or any other white interior.

And that's it! We hope this guide helps you in your decision with choosing the right Tesla interior for your needs.

Share this blog with your fellow Tesla owners & the white-interior naysayers below!

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