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How Paint Correction Can Make Your Car's Paint Pop

Paint correction - we've all heard of it, but what is it?

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections such as minor scratches & swirls off the clear coat of a car.

paint correction before and after black audi sedan
Paint Correction Before & After, Combined with a Ceramic Coating

Some of the causes of imperfections that can occur on your car's paint are:

How To Remove Swirls From Your Paint

The only true way to restore scratched paint and take your car exterior to that minty finish is paint correction, also known as buffing and polishing.

Here at Mångata Auto Pros, we specialize in paint correction and other car care services including detailing and nano-coatings.

The process of paint correction involves the use of a machine polisher and a wide variety of different polishing & finishing compounds.

rupes polisher, cutting and polishing pads, and paint correction compounds
Some of the Tools Required to Perform a Successful Paint Correction

Buffing And Polishing

99% of the time, a one stage polish won't be enough in order to get that dazzling mirror-like finish.

Usually we recommend to get at least 1 cutting stage (buffing), which involves the use of various cutting pads & abrasive compounds that gently agitate the grooves in swirls and scratches and smoothen your car's clear coat.

The purpose of a cutting stage is to remove minor swirls and scratches from the clear coat of your paint.

After the cutting stages, your car will be polished using a very fine finishing polish and softer pads, leaving an incredible shine and further smoothing your clear coat.

After getting your paint correction done, it's time to protect your investment with a ceramic coating.

How To Protect Your Paint After Paint Correction

There are a wide range of options available, and ceramic coatings not only protect your car's paint from environmental and chemical damage, but also offer minor scratch resistance which can prevent some of the swirls & scratches from recurring.

The main feature of ceramic coatings is to act as a sacrificial layer between your paint and harmful substances.

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