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Benefits Of Steam Cleaning/Detailing Your Car Interior

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Steam cleaning your car interior is a great addition to every auto detail
Steam Cleaning Your Car Makes For The Perfect Auto Detail

Why you should steam clean your car interior

Especially during these times, steam cleaning has never been more essential. Not only does steam cleaning kill all the germs & bacteria in your car, but it's also an amazing way to detail vehicles using minimal chemicals & water while producing virtually no carbon footprint.

TLDR; Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way to sanitize your car interior & leave it looking and smelling fresh.

Benefits of steam cleaning your car interior, listed

  1. Steam cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants. Pollutants can get trapped in your car's fabrics, leather, and vinyl. That's why steam cleaning is an essential process to keep your lungs healthy.

  2. Steam cleaning prevents mould & fungi from rotting your interior. Mould and fungi grow in dark, damp environments. If you spilled juice or coffee in your car, that's a perfect environment for mould and fungi to grow. Steam cleaning removes stains & allows your interior to dry without residue.

  3. Steam cleaning removes odours. If you're a smoker or you notice strange smells in your car, steam cleaning is the perfect solution for you. Blasting hot steam through AC ducts & the pores of your seats will dislodge & eliminate bad odours from your car.

  4. Steam cleaning kills viruses & bacteria. This is one of our favourite features of steam cleaning. The hot steam puts stress on viruses & bacteria, killing 99% and leaving you peace of mind in knowing your car has little to no bacteria or viruses.

  5. Steam cleaning uses no chemicals and little water. Finally, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly solution, as little water is used, and no chemicals are required. This makes steam cleaning perfect for detailing fabrics like suede & alcantera leather.

What can I expect after steam cleaning my car?

After steam cleaning your car will be sanitized and odour free. The heat will open up the pores in any fabrics and release any bad smells stuck inside your car.

Additionally, steam cleaning can be taken even further, as most professional detailing companies have industrial steamers that can blow both dry & wet steam, further helping your car from moulding, fungi, and even mildew.

So if you're ready to get your car steam cleaned and you want to experience the benefits for yourself, trust Mångata Auto Pros and hit this link to book your next auto detailing appointment in the Greater Toronto Area.

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